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How to identify the quality of nonwoven equipment ?

How to identify the quality of nonwoven equipment ?

Update Time:2019/10/31
How to identify the quality of nonwoven equipment? 

Currently,due to the non-woven products in many ways our lives have plenty of applications,it is believed that many people have come into contact with non-woven equipment products,how to identify the non-woven production is good or bad equipment it?Follow on from this issue Memo for everyone to share it!

Quality equipment processed into products into existing filaments,while the poor are working out a short wire or wire-free.

Look at the bottom of the color ,the more white then the better.

Poor quality of the finished product area and thin,poor flexibility,positive color flower-shaped monotonous,one hand flat whisk feeling flat without relief.

Our nonwoven equipment after years of development, the technology is very perfect.Since its establishment ,has been excellent quality and good service,credible,fair prices return to every trust to support our customers and friends,welcome you and work together for a better tomorrow!

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