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What Should We Do if the Meltblown Non-woven Equipment Cannot Running Normally?

What Should We Do if the Meltblown Non-woven Equipment Cannot Running Normally?

Issue Time:2021/08/27
the precautions for maintaining the meltblown non-woven fabric equipment

Melt-blown non-woven fabric equipment is different from general textile fabric processing machinery. During normal operation, the melt-blown non-woven fabric equipment must not only ensure that the equipment runs at a uniform speed, but also always pay attention to the stability of the melt-blown fabric equipment. If a serious failure is found In case of failure, it is necessary to immediately stop the operation of the melt-blown cloth equipment.

When the melt-blown nonwoven fabric equipment is suddenly powered off during normal operation, if the material inside the extruder barrel is not discharged in time, it will cause the equipment to fail to operate normally, requiring electric heating or gas welding torches and other tools to heat the melt at high temperature, but it is easy to damage the equipment. 

Therefore, immediately turn off the main switch of the melt-blown cloth equipment after a power failure, turn the motor of the melt-blown cloth equipment manually with a belt or a rocker, and try to discharge the internal materials to minimize the residue in the barrel.

Usually, when the melt-blown nonwoven fabric equipment cannot be operated, the following methods are used:

1. Check the procedure and restart the melt-blown cloth equipment according to the correct operation sequence.

2. Check the main motor circuit.

3. Check whether the lubricating oil pump is started, and check the status of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump cannot be turned on, and the motor cannot be turned on.

4. Turn off the main power supply and wait for 5 minutes to restart the melt-blown cloth equipment.

5. Check whether the emergency button is reset.
When the melt-blown nonwoven fabric equipment fails to operate normally, the equipment can usually be shut down for a period of time and then restarted for 10 to 30 seconds. If the melt-blown cloth equipment has a serious failure problem after this time, the power supply should be cut off quickly to check the cause of the failure. If you want to know more about melt-blown non-woven fabric equipment after reading the above content, you can contact us and get professional solutions.

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