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Safety Operating Procedures for Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Production Line

Safety Operating Procedures for Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Production Line

Issue Time:2021/09/03
safe operating procedures of the spunbond non-woven production line

The spunbond non-woven fabric production line is large-scale equipment composed of many parts, and there are many precautions during operation. Once the operation is improper, not only the operation of the equipment will be affected, but also the personal safety of the operator may be dangerous. Pay attention to the following items to keep the equipment in a safe operating state.

1. Check whether the emergency stop system is normal.

2. The operator must strictly follow the operating procedures.

3. Check the performance indicators of each part at any time when the equipment is running. When the equipment fails, press the emergency stop button in emergency and deal with it as soon as possible.

4. When cleaning the net curtain, the operator is only allowed to clean at the back of the netting machine, and a copper spatula or brush must be used to clean the net curtain. Be careful when cleaning to prevent accidents or damage to the screen.

5. It is strictly forbidden to touch the transmission part, and it is strictly forbidden to push or pull into a net curtain and other high-speed running parts by hand to avoid personal and equipment accidents.

6. The emergency stop button must be pressed when the screen is shut down to clean the screen to avoid accidents.

7. Do not use sharp and hard objects to clean the pressure roller to avoid damage to the equipment.

8. When the cooling cycle is unblocked, the oil furnace can be started and the temperature is raised.

9. When the temperature reaches 80 degrees, the hot rolling mill must be started to prevent the roll from being deformed by heat.

10. When the oil furnace temperature rises to the set temperature, the rolling mill can be put into production after checking that there are no other faults.

11. In normal production, it is necessary to frequently observe whether the lubricating oil mercury, return oil pressure and oil temperature are normal to prevent bearing damage.

12. After the machine is stopped, the adhesives on the rolls should be cleaned up in time to ensure that the rolls are clean. Do not use hard or sharp tools to clean the adhesives on the rolls to avoid damage to the rolls.

13. When the oil furnace is used for auxiliary heating, and the distance from the set temperature is 2 degrees Celsius, the auxiliary heating switch should be disconnected in time.

14. When lifting and unloading the mandrel and unloading the coil, both ends must be held by hand to prevent swinging back and forth from hurting people or damaging the equipment. 

15. When the equipment is running, the operator should be as far away from the operating part as possible to ensure personal safety.

In addition to the above contents during operation, inspection and maintenance are usually required before and after the operation of the equipment, so as to minimize the occurrence of malfunctions during operation. If you still have doubts about the operation of spunbond non-woven equipment after reviewing the above, please contact us for professional solutions.

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