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How to Solve Product Defects by Adjusting the Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Machine?

How to Solve Product Defects by Adjusting the Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Machine?

Issue Time:2021/09/10
the common problems and treatment methods of melt-blown non-woven fabrics

Only high-quality melt-blown non-woven fabrics can exert a good filtering effect. If the product has problems and defects, it will definitely not be able to exert its performance and advantages. We can deal with these problems by adjusting some settings and operations on the melt-blown nonwoven fabric machine. The following are the common problems and treatment methods of melt-blown non-woven fabrics.

1. Crystal spots appear on the fabric


(1) The air velocity is too low or the melt viscosity is too high, and some melt filaments are not fully drawn.

(2)When the melt viscosity is too small and the air velocity is high, the gripping effect of the spinneret holes on the melt is weakened, and the melt will leave the spinneret holes before being drawn into fibers.


(1) Increase or decrease the temperature according to the melting finger of the material.

(2) Adjust the screw speed.

(3) Choose suitable materials for the die head and the melt finger of the spinneret.

2. Flying catkins appear in the cloth 

Cause: The raw material is not well-matched with the corresponding spinning temperature, which is caused by the high temperature.


(1) If it is a full-width fly, the screw spinning temperature and hot air temperature can be adjusted.

(2)If it is a regional fly, you can adjust the die temperature of the corresponding location.

3. The cloth is brittle and hard

Cause: The melt is not sprayed into a fibrous shape or multiple fibers are stuck into agglomerates, causing the meltblown cloth to become brittle and hard.


(1) Adjust the hot air pressure.

(2) Adjust the temperature of the die head.

(3) Reduce the amount of feed.

(4) Adjust the distance between the roller or curtain and the spinneret hole.

4. Block holes appear in the fabric

Cause: Generally, hole blocking is mainly caused by too much electret masterbatch, too many inorganic components, impurities in the meltblown material, and no filter.


(1) Reduce the amount of electret masterbatch added.

(2) Increase the filter screen.

(3) Choose clean raw materials.

(4) Replace the filter in time.

5. Uneven spinning

Cause: The resistance or airflow of each spinneret hole is different, which causes the spinneret quantity of each hole to be different.


(1) Choose precision die heads and spinnerets with the same pressure at each spinneret hole.

(2) Replace the filter in time.

(3) Clean the spinneret regularly.

(4) Reduce the amount of electret masterbatch added.

6. The product has air holes

Cause: The material's moisture content is too high, causing water vapor to spray during the spinning process and produce pores.

Solution: Dry the material.

7. Low filtration efficiency


(1) The ejected fibers are thick and have large gaps.

(2) Electret masterbatch is not added or not enough.

(3) No corona treatment or insufficient treatment.


(1) Increase the temperature.

(2) Adjust the receiving distance of the cloth.

(3) Reduce the amount of feed.

(4) Increase the air pressure.

(5) Increase the content of electret masterbatch.

(6) Electrostatic treatment.

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