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Safety Operating Regulations for Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Production Line Components-Winder, Driving and Slitting Machine

Safety Operating Regulations for Spunbond Non-woven Fabric Production Line Components-Winder, Driving and Slitting Machine

Issue Time:2021/10/09
the daily maintenance method of spunbond non-woven machines

If you want the spun-bond non-woven production line to perform well, you must make all components run safely and efficiently. By obeying the following safe operating procedures for winders, driving, and slitting machines, we can minimize the probability of failure of the spun-bond non-woven production line.


1. Operators strictly follow the operating procedures and must stick to their posts. Non-operating personnel is strictly prohibited from touching the equipment.

2. The power must be cut off during maintenance, and it is strictly forbidden to operate and work with electricity.

3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the transmission and reel shafts to avoid personal injury.

4. When lifting and unloading the mandrel and unloading the roll, both ends must be held by hand to prevent swinging back and forth from hurting people or damaging the equipment.

5. It is strictly forbidden to operate by one person, and put the hook on the console after hoisting.

6. When hoisting at high altitude, both ends of the crane should be hung securely to avoid slipping and injuring people or injuring the equipment.

7. It is strictly forbidden to place any objects on the console.

8. The workplace must be kept clean and hygienic.

9. The cross-cutting knife and the slitting knife must be operated according to the operating procedures, and are not allowed to be changed at will.


I. When there is no load, turn on the power, start and check the control systems and safety devices of each operating mechanism. They should be sensitive, accurate, safe and reliable, and easy to use.

2. Do not use more than the lifting capacity specified for driving.

3. When hoisting, items cannot be hoisted obliquely to avoid damage to the equipment.

4. Do not lift the hoisted object when there are people on or below it. When hoisting, pay attention to safety at all times to avoid hurting people or equipment.

5. Frequently check whether there are any abnormalities in each part of the vehicle.

6. Frequently check whether the connecting bolts are loose.

7. Frequently check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and regularly fill or replace it with new oil.

8. Frequently check whether the brakes are sensitive.

9. The driving is operated by a dedicated person, and other personnel is not allowed to use it without authorization.

10. When hoisting the reel, it is strictly forbidden to operate by one person.

Slitting machine

1. The operator must strictly follow the operating procedures.

2. It is strictly forbidden to place teacups and other items on the operating table and the parts of the slitting machine.

3. Before starting the slitting machine, the operating personnel should cooperate closely and are not allowed to blindly start or stop the machine to avoid accidents.

4. When unloading the roll, the operator should operate from the outside to smoothly unload the finished product. Brutal operation is forbidden to avoid accidents.

5. In an emergency, press the emergency stop button immediately to avoid accidents.

6. The accuracy of the electronic scale must be checked before measurement.

7. After starting the motor, the speed is gradually adjusted from slow to fast, and the speed is gradually adjusted from fast to slow when the motor is stopped, and the roll can be unloaded until the speed is zero.

8. When the equipment is running, the operator should be as far away from the operating part as possible to ensure personal safety.

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