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What is the Operating Process of the Meltblown Nonwoven Machine?

What is the Operating Process of the Meltblown Nonwoven Machine?

Issue Time:2021/10/19
the operation steps of the meltblown non-woven fabric machine

The meltblown non-woven fabric mechanical equipment has a reasonable structure and is easy to operate. The entire production line has a high degree of automation.

The equipment layout and width of the meltblown nonwoven production line can also be designed according to the user's site and the width of the actual product. If you want to make better use of melt-blown non-woven fabric machinery, you need to understand its operating process. Only by strictly following these steps can the melt-blown non-woven machine operate safely and stably.

1. Turn on the switch

Turn on the start-stop switch and the power switch, the built-in indicator light of the power switch is on.

2. Adjust the air pressure

The air pressure valve is located under the workbench. Open the door of the meltblown non-woven fabric equipment and check the air pressure valve. Meltblown nonwoven fabric machinery and equipment adjust the pressure according to the actual situation. When certain mechanisms are out of sync, increase the pressure. The working air pressure is generally adjusted within the range of 0.2~0.6MPa.

3. Sound wave inspection and adjustment

(1) Turn on the power switch of the ultrasonic generator, and then press the "Sonic Test" switch. If the indicator of the amplitude indicator rises sharply and exceeds 100, it means that the frequency is too far from the resonance point, and the "sonic wave adjustment" knob must be adjusted.

Check the amplitude display, press the sound wave check switch with your left hand (not more than 3 seconds), and then turn the sound wave adjustment knob with your right hand to adjust the amplitude display pointer to the low point.

When adjusting, if the indication of the amplitude indicator is not falling but rising, please turn the "sonic wave adjustment" knob in the opposite direction. After adjusting the sound wave, tighten the wing nut and close the protective cover.

(2) During the no-load test, if the "overload indicator" is on, it indicates that there is a problem with the meltblown non-woven fabric equipment. It is not allowed to start work at this time, you must stop the machine to check the cause, and then start work after troubleshooting.

4. Check the cooling fan

Check whether the cooling fan is working properly to ensure that the meltblown non-woven fabric machinery can work for a long time during operation.

If there is a failure during the operation, we need to stop the machine immediately, find and analyze the cause of the failure in time, and then repair it in a targeted manner. Normally, we must also do a good job in the maintenance of the melt-blown non-woven machine to reduce the probability of failure of the machine during operation. If you want to learn more about the solutions of the melt-blown non-woven machine, you can go through contact ASEN for professional advice.

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