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The Specific Operation Process and Precautions of the Meltblown Non-woven Production Line

The Specific Operation Process and Precautions of the Meltblown Non-woven Production Line

Issue Time:2022/03/30
Meltblown non-woven machine has fast production speed, stable operation, uniform distribution of spun-bond nonwoven fabric, and good air permeability. When we operate the melt-blown nonwoven machine, we also need to pay attention to some things to prevent the machine from wearing out or even malfunctioning. The following is the specific operation process and precautions of the melt-blown nonwoven production line.

Operating procedures

1. Ensure that the feeding system is smooth, and the temperature of each zone from the screw to the mold reaches 235℃.

2. Turn on the screw cooling system, metering pump cooling air, instrument air system, and suction system.

3. Turn on the MB hot air system, set the air volume to 15% and the output to 25%~30%, ensure that the sum of the flow rates on the left and right sides of the MB air is greater than 200cfm, and set the hot air temperature to 230℃.

4. 30 minutes after all temperatures reach the set value, check the melting of the surface of the spinneret and the die to ensure that the polymer has reached a molten state.

5. Start the screw at a speed of 5 revolutions and monitor the pressure change before and after the screw filter (the screw pressure control is set to "manual" mode at this time).

6. When the pressure after screw filtration is greater than 10bar, start the metering pump at 3 rpm, gradually increase to 8 rpm, set the screw pressure control to "automatic", and discharge off-line.

7. Use the mold scraper to check the wire outlet to ensure that the molded wire is normal and there is no crystallization point.

8. Turn on the cooling cycle, check the exhaust duct under the MB, make sure the ventilation is smooth, and start the fan at 600RPM.

9. Clean up flying flowers and hanging lines around the mold and mobile platform to prevent the capture from affecting product quality.

10. Set MB Offline Pump Speed to 5RPM, Motor Valve 'Advance Setting' to 30%, and Air Release to 15%.

11. Turn the MB platform to the online state (ensure that the SB1 is in a normal production state, and always pay attention to whether the cloth surface is turned over).

12. Adjust other process parameters according to the process parameter table.

13. After the process parameters are stable, take samples for testing.


When entering the production state, the original thermal equilibrium state of the system will change due to the increase in the speed of the metering pump and the increase in the melt flow rate. In addition, other process parameters are also being adjusted. There may be some situations that affect the smooth operation of the system (such as melt temperature drop, melt pressure fluctuation, uneven spinneret ejection, airflow disturbance, etc.), the length of this time depends on the performance of the control system and the skill of the operator level.

If the system is to terminate production operation, the feed valve of the screw extruder must be closed and operated manually. After the melt in the system is completely discharged, stop the operation of the metering pump of the screw extruder and cut off the heating system. Power, Cooling, and Shutdown. When this method is used to stop the system, the residual melt in the system will degrade (yellow) or carbonize, and it is easy to block the spinneret holes. Therefore, when resuming production, the meltblown mold components are generally cleaned.

We must check the meltblown nonwoven machine before the operation to ensure that the working state of each component is stable before starting. If you still have questions about the operation of the meltblown nonwoven machine after reading the above content, you can contact us for relevant information and solutions.

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