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Performance Characteristics of Professional Non-woven Equipment

Performance Characteristics of Professional Non-woven Equipment

Issue Time:2022/04/18
The demand for non-woven fabrics in today's environmental trends is very large. How achieve rapid manufacturing of large-scale non-woven fabrics requires the application of some automated machinery and equipment. 

Automated mechanical equipment can provide higher output and higher quality for non-woven fabrics. So what are the performance characteristics of professional non-woven equipment? Let's take a look.

1. Professional non-woven equipment has optimized the layout work, relatively double compact. The non-woven machine can integrate all the objects that need to be applied during non-woven processing into one piece of equipment to achieve the same coordination, so professional non-woven equipment is often small in size.

2. Stable operation is an important condition to ensure the output and quality of non-woven fabrics. A non-woven machine that can continuously maintain stable operation can unify the quality of non-woven products and achieve better product cost results. to advance the benefits.

3. The non-woven machine adopts the aluminum profile frame as the main body, the layout is sturdy and durable, it is not easy to rust, the service life is long, and the installation and protection are also relatively convenient.

4. The greenhouse non-woven machine adopts the automatic control mode to realize rapid and batch non-woven manufacturing, so it can greatly improve the output of non-woven products while reducing labor costs and bringing higher benefits to enterprises, benefit.

The spunbond nonwoven fabric does not need to be preheated when it is used, it can enter the working state more quickly, realize the rapid continuous operation, and can improve the processing efficiency of the spunbond nonwoven fabric.

The spunbond non-woven machine and melt-blown non-woven machine are built with high-quality assembly and welding processes. They have a solid structure, high strength, long-lasting application performance, stable operation, and can maintain good performance for a long time in a high-load processing environment, and working conditions.

Adopt automatic operation design, which is simple and convenient, and there is no burden for the operator. The application of spunbond non-woven machinery can save a lot of labor costs and achieve higher benefits for enterprises.

With stable and reliable processing quality, non-woven products as a whole show uniformity, which can maintain a high degree of quality uniformity, reduce defective rates, greatly enhance the competitiveness of spunbond non-woven products in environmental trends, and bring connected benefits to enterprises. 

Professional non-woven equipment with the above excellent characteristics is very popular on the non-woven processing platform. If you are engaged in the textile product processing industry, then you definitely need to consider purchasing high-quality professional non-woven equipment. Please contact us if you plan to order a non-woven machine.

ASEN is a professional custom nonwoven machine manufacturer in China. Founded in 2009, our group has been involved in non-woven machinery, non-woven fabrics, medical supplies, and other fields, providing high-quality products and services to global users.

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