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Equipment Characteristics of Spunbond Non-woven Machinery

Equipment Characteristics of Spunbond Non-woven Machinery

Issue Time:2022/04/23
Spunbond non-woven fabric is a relatively popular fabric now. Spunbond non-woven fabric has many advantages. Therefore, it has been widely welcomed by all ages.

So, how to manufacture large-scale spunbond non-woven fabrics now? Naturally, it is necessary to rely on automated equipment called spunbond non-woven fabric machinery to achieve mass production. Let's take a look at the special features of the spunbond nonwoven machine.

1. The spunbond nonwoven fabric does not need to be preheated when it is used, and it can quickly enter the working state, realize rapid continuous operation, and improve the processing efficiency of the spunbond nonwoven fabric.

2. The spunbond non-woven machine is built with excellent assembly and welding technology as a whole. It has a strong structure, high strength, durable performance, stable operation, and can maintain a good working condition for a long time in a high-load processing environment.

3. The automatic operation design is simple and convenient, and there is no burden for the operator. The use of spunbond non-woven machinery can save a lot of labor costs and achieve higher benefits for enterprises.

4. With stable and reliable processing quality, non-woven products as a whole show uniformity, which can maintain a high degree of quality uniformity, reduce the defective rate, greatly improve the market competitiveness of anti-stick non-woven products, and bring continuous benefits to enterprises. income.

As a popular high-quality fabric, spunbond non-woven fabrics naturally need to pay attention to the quality of the process during the production process. Choosing high-quality processing equipment can significantly improve the quality of spunbond non-woven fabrics. For this, very good quality control can be achieved with our spunbond nonwoven machines.

Our fully automatic spunbond nonwoven machines are excellent in all aspects. As a professional non-woven machine manufacturer in China, ASEN specializes in the production of S (spunbond), M (meltblown), SS, SXS, SSS, SMS, SMMS, SSMMS, and other types of PP (polypropylene) spunbond and meltblown Non-woven production line. Founded in 2009, our group has been involved in non-woven machinery, non-woven fabrics, medical supplies, and other fields, providing high-quality products and services to global users. If you have related needs, please contact us.

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