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The Use and Daily Maintenance of Non-woven Machine

The Use and Daily Maintenance of Non-woven Machine

Issue Time:2022/04/29
With the wide application of non-woven fabrics, the demand for non-woven machines is also increasing. The following article describes the use of non-woven machinery and equipment and daily protection and maintenance


Non-woven materials and deep processing technology and equipment: spunbond, meltblown, spun lace, needle punched, dry-laid (puffed paper), stitch-bonded, thermally bonded, chemically bonded, carded, web-forming, pre-fiber disposal, etc. Textile equipment and manufacturing lines;

Women's sanitary napkins, baby and adult diapers, wet face wipes, masks, surgical gowns, molded masks, polymers, chemical fibers, special fibers, adhesives, foaming materials, coatings, additives, non-woven color masterbatch Granule, resin, and other deep processing equipment, coating, lamination, electrostatic application (electret), electrostatic flocking, molding, packaging, and other equipment.

Industrial fabrics and related deep-processing products: medical hygiene materials, interior decoration materials, new construction, and waterproof materials, labor protection products, environmental protection materials, filter materials, new cold-proof materials, and clothing accessories Industrial materials, agricultural materials, automotive materials, packaging materials, and coatings Layer base fabrics and geosynthetics.

Routine maintenance

1) Neat

a) The raw materials are stacked neatly.

b) The maintenance objects and sporadic accessories are stored in the object box.

c) The plastic turnover baskets are neatly stacked, and the sanitary ware is neatly placed in the designated position.

d) It is strictly forbidden to place flammable objects and accessories on the machine.

e) Spare parts should be kept clean, oiled, rust-proof, and stored neatly in the designated position.

f) The parts of the equipment are in good condition.


a)Before starting the machine, clean the product contact surface of the production line to be clean and free of debris.

b)The appearance and surrounding gardens are clean and free of debris and oil.

c)The reverse transmission room cleans the surface of the body, the straight gearbox, the differential motor, and the synchronizing wheel.

d)The surface of the machine is on the garden ground sanitation drainage channel, and the coconut palm pads are under the machine to clean the windowsills and walls.

e)The electronic control device should be kept clean and complete.


a)Each cutter, counter-cutting drum, and linoleum should be kept moist, and add lubricating oil in time.

b)Check the lubrication state of the chain and add lubricating oil if it is insufficient.

c)Check whether the main bearing is well lubricated and there is no high temperature or abnormal sound.

d)Only use water and alcohol when scrubbing rubber parts, plastic parts, and painted parts.

4) Safety

a) If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the production line, stop and adjust in time.

b) All belts and synchronous belts are in normal working condition.

c) The inner and outer cutters are adjusted properly.

e)Check the running status of electrical equipment on time.

f)Check the working status of the electric control cabinet, the electric control components on the console, the motors, and the solenoid valves at any time.

g) Always observe various working environments and find abnormalities that should be stopped immediately for an inspection.

h) The whole machine has no invalid parts. Non-woven machinery and equipment: the records are complete, clear, complete, correct, and fill in the relevant maintenance records on time.

The above mainly describes the use of non-woven machinery and equipment and daily maintenance. If you plan to buy a non-woven machine, please contact us.

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